What Were Your Settings?

As a photographer I am asked all the time what my settings were for a photograph. While it is a great question, and understanding camera settings is very important there is a much, much more […]

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2015 Seasons Pass – The Lighthouse, and the Story Behind It

The Story Behind the Photograph When first approached about the possibility of being the 2014-2015 Seasons Pass Artist for the Rhode Island Blood Center, I did not hesitate to to say yes. And to understand […]

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Rocky Point Reopens

For the past two decades, Rocky Point Park has sat abandoned and closed to the public. The remnants of an amusement park could barely be seen, hidden under overgrown vegetation and behind chain link fences. […]

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Opening Reception at Dryden Gallery

As an artist, one of my favorite things is to share my photographs. To share my visions, what I  see, and how I have captured them with my camera excites me, and drives me to […]

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Night Photography – Big Dipper Over the Farm

Today’s digital cameras are amazing tools, allowing us to explore the art of photography in new and exciting ways.  One such advance is in the area of low light photography, which has made night photography […]

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