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A Blue Moon Over the Newport Bridge

One of my primary goals as a photographer is to try to capture an ordinary scene in an extraordinary way. I strongly believe that there is beauty all around us, and that we just need […]

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Night Photography – Big Dipper Over the Farm

Today’s digital cameras are amazing tools, allowing us to explore the art of photography in new and exciting ways.  One such advance is in the area of low light photography, which has made night photography […]

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Lets Play with Traffic and Long Exposure Night Photography!

Some of the most fun that you can have with long exposure night photography is experimenting with traffic! I am NOT suggesting you go run around and play IN the traffic, what I am suggesting […]

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Why I hit the city for my best night photography

Exploring Providence allows me to create my best night photography As a landscape photographer I am always on the hunt for that next great scene that I will put my camera in front of. My […]

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