The Photo Gallery – A Collection of my Favorite Performances

Photography is so much more then something that I do, it is a part of who I am.  Much as a musician picks up an instrument for the pure pleasure of creating music, I pick up the camera for the pleasure of making photographs. As the guitar player uses his fingers to coax each note out of his instrument, I use my fingers to create an image with my camera. Here in my photo gallery that you will see a display of some of my very favorite performances. 

When I am behind the camera the world make sense. Too often my days are full of chaos – crazy commutes, business meetings and simple daily activities distract us all. However, with my camera in hand the world slows down. As a result, I am able to arrange complex scenes into simple, peaceful photographs.

Over the years my camera and I have explored many genres of photography. While landscapes and seascapes are certainly my favorite, I enjoy anytime that I can create with my camera. In the photo gallery you can browse through some of my favorite works, from a variety of photographic genres.

Photo Gallery

There is a specific reason that I selected each of the photos that you will see in the galleries. These photographs are some of my favorite photos for a variety of reasons. The galleries are not meant to display all of the photographs I have available, but rather they are meant to share who I am. 

Purchasing a Print

Art galleries across Rhode Island have included many of these photographs in public exhibits. Private and corporate collections across the county include my photographs. You can purchase a print of any of my photographs by visiting the Print Shop. As always, I am available to assist you in any way necessary.