Landscape Photography Gallery

Landscape Photography Is My First Love Behind The Camera

When I first started out with my camera I fell in love with landscape photography. I fell, and I fell hard. Maybe I got it from my grandfather – he loved to stop and just watch the skies. Regardless of where I got this love, there was no doubt I had it! The gallery that you see here has some of my very best landscape photography.


Standing before a breathtaking scene and being able to capture that beauty in a photograph to share with the world excites me to no end. The anticipation of creating that one photograph that will hang on my wall has me dancing as I wait for Mother Nature to start her show. Sometimes it is spectacular, more often it is not. The landscape photos that I create on those spectacular nights often get added to the wall art for sale in my print galleries. But it is those spectacular shows that drives me to go out again and again and again.

I took a lot of photographs all over Rhode Island when I got my first camera. Some were pretty good, while others not so much. But I kept at it, and I  learned what worked and what didn’t. I grew as a artist, and as I grew I started to take my landscape photography more seriously, and I explored what I could do with my camera.

I explored other types of photography, such as still life and macro photography that taught me about light, and just as importantly, about shadow. I also learned about patience. I would often spend hours getting a shot just right. I developed a very minimalist approach to my photography, and was very selective about what I included in my scenes. I often setup simple backgrounds free of distractions.

I applied all  of these lessons and personal preferences to my landscape photography. This minimalist approach approach became a powerful component of my work. Simplifying a composition often resulted in an image that better matched my vision.

While I cannot control Mother Nature, I found that I can increase my odds of success. I often scout out my potential locations ahead of time to improve my chances of getting that great photograph. I usually try to arrive at least an hour before sunrise to catch the magical light that occurs before the sun comes over the horizon.

Creating exciting and new photos is something that I am constantly working on. My landscape photography is often featured in exhibits at galleries around the area, and prints of my work hang in homes and offices across the country. You can keep up with my work and follow all of my latest adventures by checking out my photography blog!