Still Life Photography Gallery

Full Control Allows Me To Get Creative With Still Life Photography

Creating fine art still life photography is one of the rare occasions when I get to have full control over how the photograph comes out. I always start with a vision in my mind of what the photograph should look like. As long as I have a clear vision of what I am trying to create, it just comes down to putting my skills to work creating the photograph. Many of the images in the still life photography gallery started as sketches, before eventually being with my camera.


With landscapeseascape and night photography, I am very much at the mercy of the weather. In portrait photography, I need to work with a live subject to create an expression that invokes a feeling. In all of these situations I am responding to an environment that is changing all around me. Still life photography is a different ball game altogether!

In my studio I have full control over the light and the subject. I can create a photograph and adjust the light and the subject as much and as often as I like, until I get the exact photograph from my original vision. Sometimes it is only a matter of minutes, while in other more complicated photographs I can spend an entire day arranging multiple lights and subjects.

While I often create my photos based on my own vision, I also do custom work for my clients. My skills with a camera translate very well into the word of commercial and product photography, and there is nothing more exciting then taking a clients vision and turning it into the photograph they have in mind!

Working With a Client

Many of the image that are in the still life photography gallery were created specifically for a customer. I work closely with my clients to take a project from concept to photograph, and can work from just an idea communicated in a phone call, to a photograph that is created based on detailed sketches provided by the customer. The back and forth of the creative process can be very rewarding!

I leave you with a few samples of my photography, and look forward to working with you on your photography project! Check out more of my still life photography in the gallery, and then get in touch with me through the contact page!