Photographs of Rhode Island – Why I Create Them

As a photographer, 90% of what I do with my camera is to create photographs of Rhode Island. Rhode Island is my home, it is where I grew up and it is where I raised my family. Each time I click the shutter I am not just taking a photograph of the scene in front of me.I am connecting with a memory.

My photography is about capturing a feeling. It is also about bringing memories back to life. While I am photographing a sunset on a beach, I am not taking a picture of just this one sunset. I am connecting with the memory of all the sunsets on every beach I have ever seen.

Many of the folks that buy a fine art print from me do so because my photograph sparked a memory of their own. The photographs of Rhode Island that I create remind them of times past, and places visited with friends and family.

Another thing that I love about Rhode Island is the extreme diversity of locations. As a result, beautiful beaches, sprawling farms, dense woodlands and cities are all within a very short ride of my home.

Along the Coast

The “Ocean State” is a wonderful place to create seascape photography. Over 400 miles of rugged coastline and soft sandy beaches draw me to the water time and time again.

Many of my favorite photographs of Rhode Island have been created along the coast. I love to stand beside Narragansett Bay in the hour before sunrise, coffee in hand, waiting on the sun to peek over the horizon. It is here that I find an inner peace that I have not found anywhere else.

Seascape Photography - The Soft Colors of Sunrise at Narragansett Beach in this photograph of Rhode Island

My Favorite Rhode Island Beach – Narragansett Town Beach, I spent lots of summer days here as a teenager


Exploring the Back Roads

Many times my adventures take me out into the country, where the farms and woodlands are full of classic New England scenes ideal for landscape photography. For example, old barns, tractors, stone walls and acres of farm land are frequent finds during our travels.

My wife and I will often pack up the car and stop at a Dunkin’ Donuts for an iced coffee. Seriously, how could I spend a day creating photographs of Rhode Island and not stop for a Dunkin’?  We then spend the day exploring the back roads, looking for the next adventure behind the camera!

On a good day the back roads will go on forever! Each turn in the road reveals a new location more interesting then the last!

A lone tree is silhouetted against the dawn sky in this landscape photograph of Rhode Island

Tree At Sunrise



Into the Night

Long after the sun has set I like to turn my attention to night photography. I love the way the lights of the city bring the urban landscape to life, especially when you get into a city environment.

The capital city of Providence is by far my favorite place to explore at night. The colorful neon lights against the dark backdrop of the night sky turns the city into a rich canvas of color for my camera and I to photograph after dark!

HDR photograph of the full moon over the Providence Skyline from Waterplace Park. Taken by Rhode Island photographer Mike Dooley

I love to take pictures of city lights after dark, it gives the urban landscape a different feel then photos created during the day

Photographs of Rhode Island across the Seasons

Regardless of where my travels take me, my photographs of Rhode Island are not defined by where I take them, but by the season that they were taken. and whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall, I know that I am going to be creating photographs of Rhode Island.

An abundance of oak and maple trees provide for some of the best fall foliage in the entire country. During the fall season the landscape explodes with leaves colored red, yellow and orange.

One of my favorite photographs of Rhode Island - 2 boats docked at a small pond as the fall foliage season gets under way

Rich colors give my fall pictures of Rhode Island a classic look and feel that really tell a story of life in New England!

I know I will find something beautiful, and that I will spend hours exploring my latest find with my camera.  You can keep up with my photographs of Rhode Island in my latest blog posts!