Fall Foliage bring the Rhode Island Landscape to Life

Fall Foliage Season in Rhode Island

As the seasons change in Rhode Island from summer to fall the landscape explodes with color as the leaves on the trees begin to die before falling from the trees. Professional and amateur photographers from all over the country flock to New England  in order to photograph the fall foliage, and the images can be quite stunning.

Fine Art Landscape Photograph of the colors of fall foliage and a pair of boats docked at Steere Pond in Glocester, Rhode Island

Fall Foliage in New England

The peak fall foliage viewing is usually around the Columbus Day weekend in early October in Northern New England (New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine) and extends for several weeks. In the Southern New England states (Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut) the season starts and ends slightly later. Trying to predict exactly when the peak will be is next to impossible, as there are way too many factors that impact the changing of the leaves.


Fine Art Landscape photograph of the fall foliage colors reflection off the water of a small pond along Rt 102 in Scituate, Rhode Island

Fall Colors on the Pond


In my home state of Rhode Island the fall foliage season is slightly later due to the states location on the coast. This allows me to start exploring the fall colors up north, and then follow them down south as the colors peak in each area. Following this approach, I can often stretch the fall foliage season out to 3 and even 4 weeks!


Photograph of the morning mist on Scituate Reservoir during Fall Foliage Season

Morning Mist on Scituate Reservoir

One of my favorite things to do is to check out a fall foliage map, hop in my car and travel the remote country roads near the reservoirs and ponds. These giant bodies of still water make great elements to my photographs, often reflecting the colors of the foliage and greatly enhancing my compositions.

New England fall foliage season is a special time of year, one that I look forward to each year with excitement. Fine art prints of many of my pictures are available for purchase in my online print gallery!