Photos of Providence at Night

There is something special about taking photos of Providence at night. Once the sun goes down the city comes to life in an amazing display of lights and colors.

From an execution perspective, night photography is really no different then landscape photography. The principles of exposure are the same, and the use of a tripod and a cable release are required due to the longer exposure times.

I love making the lights the subject of my night photographs, such that the light and its color become the dominant element of the scene. The buildings of the city simply become giant candle holders in my mind.

The city of Providence is full of very recognizable subjects to photograph at night. Once the sun goes down The Manchester Street Power station turns into a beautiful glow of warm yellow and red lights. Only a few hundred feet away the I-Way bridge over the Providence River stands in stark contrast as it is awash in a cool, blue light.

When looking at the city skyline, I am always struck by one building in the center of the scene. Looking very much like The Daily Planet building from the comic book Superman, The Bank of America Building at 111 Westminster Street dominates the skyline. Affectionately called “The Superman Building” by Providence locals. It is by far my very favorite building in Providence, and I feature it in much of my night photography.

The following is a small sample of my favorite night photos of Providence. All of these photos, as well as many of my other photographs, are for sale in my fine art print gallery.

I-Way Bridge and Power StationFull Moon Over ProvidenceManchester Street Power PlantPower Station at NightProvidence City ReflectionProvidence City Skyline DuskProvidence Skyline at TwilightState HouseTree by the Water