Winter Photography in Rhode Island – A Winter Wonderland

A Winter Wonderland

As winter takes a firm grip on the region, many folks stay inside by the fire and wait for the spring thaw. To be sure, Rhode Island winters can be long and hard. However, they are as much a part of our lives as our summers, and I enjoy winter photography as much as during any of our other seasons.


Winter photography at The Gazebo at Roger Williams Park at sunset, taken by Rhode Island photographer Mike Dooley

“The Gazebo” – Winter photography at Roger Williams Park

As tough as our New England winters can be, there is no denying the beauty of a winter scene. Many folks that buy a fine art print of one of my winter landscapes say that they miss the beauty of the winter season. The snow and ice combine to transform the landscape into some pretty dramatic photographs.

The Color of Winter Photography

Additionally, overnight snowstorms are a regular occurrence in New England. Waking up to a fresh blanket of snow on the landscape really gives the feeling of a fresh, clean start. As a result, the sunrise the following morning can be nothing short of spectacular. 


Winter Photography at the Temple of Music at Roger Williams Park at dawn after a fresh snowfall. Taken by Rhode Island photographer Mike Dooley

“Temple Of Music” – Winter Photography at Roger Williams Park, Providence Rhode Island


There is little doubt that winter photography of Rhode Island can be breathtaking. The cold, dry weather leads to very clear skies, creating tack sharp photographs. While the landscape itself is covered in white, the colors in the sky itself are probably  the best part. The colors in the sky are often soft and pastel, and lend a magical feel to the landscape. These colors are almost the complete opposite of the colors we see during summer time.

There are few times as peaceful and quiet as the hour before sunrise on a cold winter morning. Most folks pull the blankets up higher, and stay in the warmth of their homes. As a result, I often find myself alone with my camera and a thermos of hot coffee. A rare opportunity to enjoy a scene that few ever get the chance to see.


Winter Photography of the full moon over a snow covered Roger Williams Park, Providence Rhode Island. Taken by Rhode Island photographer Mike Dooley

“Full Moon at Dawn” – Roger Williams Park, Providence Rhode Island.


Each winter storm brings a new chance to get out and enjoy a little winter photography as I explore Rhode Island with my camera. I look forward to sharing my next winter landscape photos with you!