Canvas Prints – Classic and Timeless Pieces of Art

Canvas prints are one of the many mediums that I offer. They are a popular selection with my clients, and make a beautiful addition to any space.

Canvas Prints – What Are They?

A print on canvas is exactly what it sounds like. The print company takes the photograph of your choice, and prints it onto a piece of canvas. The result is a very elegant piece of art, and is reminiscent of oil, or watercolor paintings. As a result, a canvas print looks great in larger sizes, and makes a great additions to your home or office decor! 

How are Canvas Prints Made?

Creating a print on canvas is much more involved then printing on paper. First the image is printed and applied to the canvas using a combination of pressure and heat. A wooden stretcher frame is assembled to the final dimensions of your print. Once the canvas print is done in the oven, it is stretched on to the wooden frame and secured in place. The entire print is then coated with a protective gel. The entire process normally takes 3 to 5 business days to complete. Consequently, there is ample time for the materials to dry between each step in the process, resulting in a long lasting, high quality print. For the curious minded folks, Wiki has a very informative article. 

Why Select a Canvas Print?

Due to the larger size of canvas prints, they are often used to fill a larger space. Additionally, they give a real sense of elegance and sophistication to a piece of art. Beautiful and graceful, they stand apart in the art world. If you have never seen a photograph printed onto canvas then you are in for a real treat!


Canvas prints are available in a variety of sizes. The price list below represents common sizes. I can easily accommodate custom sizes, so if you are looking for something in a different size, simply shoot me a quick email with what you are looking for!

10″ x 15″ Canvas Print – $132

12″ x 18″ Canvas Print  – $160

16″ x 24″ Canvas Print  – $260

20″ x 30″ Canvas Print  – $400

How can I Buy a Canvas Print?

Buying a canvas print has never been easier. Simply select the photograph that you love from my print store, and with a few clicks of the mouse your order is placed. It takes approximately 3-5 business days for your canvas print to be created and then it will be shipped directly to your home or office!