Gallery Wrap – Classic Canvas with a Modern Twist

What is a Gallery Wrap?

A gallery wrap is a print where a photograph is taken and printed on canvas. It is just like a traditional canvas print, however it adds a modern twist. Finally, these elegant prints come from the printer ready to hang on the wall of your home or office!

How is a Gallery Wrap different from a Canvas Print?

The Gallery Wrap and the Canvas Print differ in that the gallery wraps prints the photo on all 5 sides of the canvas. With the traditional canvas print the photograph is only on the front of the canvas. The canvas print leaves the 4 sides of the canvas plain white. Opposite of the canvas print, with the gallery wrap the photo “wraps” around the frame and a portion of the photograph is visible on each of the 4 sides in addition to the front!

In additional, this print comes delivered to you ready to hang. The top has a saw tooth hanger, while the bottom corners have rubber bumper feet. Most of all, there is no need to take it to be framed! As a result, just take it out of its shipping container and hang it directly on the wall! No muss, no fuss as my grandmother used to say!

Because a portion of the photograph wraps around the sides of the canvas it can, in some cases, take away from the composition of the original photograph. Wiki has a great write up if you are interested in learning more!


Gallery Wrap prints are available in a variety of sizes. Similar to the canvas prints, gallery wraps tend to be printed at larger sizes. The price list below represents the most common sizes. I can easily accommodate custom sizes, so if you are looking for something in a different size, simply shoot me a quick email with what you are looking for! 

16″ x 24″ Print – $400

20″ x 30″ Print  – $450

24″ x 36″ Print  – $600

How can I Buy a Gallery Wrap?

Purchasing a gallery wrap of one of my photographs for your home or office has never been simpler! Find the photograph that you love from my print gallery and with a few clicks of the mouse your order is placed. It takes approximately 3-5 business days for your print to be created and then it will be shipped directly to your home or office!