Sublimation Onto Metal

The Latest Product Offering from Mike Dooley Photogaphy

I am very excited to announce that I am adding a new product line to to my fine art print galleries! In addition to paper and canvas, fine art prints of the highest quality can now be purchased on metal! These unique aluminum prints are the perfect way to showcase my photography!

I am very excited to be partnering with the folks from Blazing Editions to have my metal prints created, using a process known as sublimation onto metal. The folks at Blazing Editions have been kind enough to show me their facility, and walk me through how the process works. They have printed many of my photographs, and together we have looked at them in the lab, and I have to say these metal prints are amazing! I have taken these prints out on the road and shown them to over one hundred people, and the results are always the same – people are blown away!

For pricing information and to order your aluminum print today contact Mike directly!

20'x30 Sublimation Onto Metal Print of the USS Lionfish Torpedo Room

20’x30 Sublimation Onto Metal Print of the USS Lionfish Torpedo Room


I took the above photograph of a 20″x30″ aluminum print that was created using the sublimation onto metal process. The amount of detail that this process can reproduce is simply staggering! The print appears to glow as if it was back-lit, and the elements of the photograph take on a real 3-D feel! The below photograph is a close up shot of the same print to show the degree of detail that can be rendered using this process. At the end of this article is a photograph of me standing next to the print to give you an idea of the size of the print.

Close Up of the Torpedo Room print. The print was created using the Sublimation onto Metal printing process

Sublimation Onto Metal Print Close Up

Sublimation onto Metal – The Process

Sublimation onto metal involves first printing a photograph onto a special transfer paper. The transfer paper is then placed onto a sheet of aluminum which has been specially coated, and placed into a special oven where it is precisely heated. The dye on the transfer paper turns from a solid to a gas, and then back to a solid without transitioning through the liquid state. During this process the dye is absorbed into the sheet of aluminum, rather then simply printed onto the aluminum. The result is a stunning print that has an almost magical quality about it!

The folks at Blazing Editions have been in business for over 30 years, and provide fine art printing services for art galleries and museums all over the world. These folks are passionate about their work, and demand the highest of quality. They have this process down to a science, and the results are simply stunning! Their studio is local, and I love that they have been willing to work closely with me as we explored how my photographs would look printed using their process. My business is based on building strong relationships with both my customers and my vendors!

You can read more about the process, as well as see a slideshow of example prints  on the Blazing Editions website!

Photographer Mike Dooley stands with 2 of his 20"x30" aluminum prints at Peter Miller Fine Art Gallery

Photographer Mike Dooley stands with 2 of his 20″x30″ aluminum prints at Peter Miller Fine Art Gallery

Why choose a metal print?

Right off the bat let me say that these prints are stunning! I have had a number of my photographs printed on metal using this process, and each and every one has blown me away. I have shown them to over a hundred different people, and the reaction has been the same every time. Jaws simply drop!

The multiple layers that absorb the dye give the photograph a real sense of depth, unlike anything that I have seen before. Incredible detail reproduction and strong, vibrant colors really set these prints apart.

Printing into the metal rather than onto the metal also makes the print far more durable. This makes the print safe to hang in any environment, including high traffic areas. Fingerprints, dirt and dust simply wipe off with a simple microfiber cloth and ordinary household cleaning products!

If you are looking for a piece of art that is going to stand apart from the rest, then this is the print for you!

Shipping a metal print

Getting your new piece of art safely to its new home is a top priority! You can’t just roll up a sheet of aluminum and slide it into a tube. Each print gets shipped in a custom made wooden crate that ensures that your print arrives in pristine shape, just like when it came out of the oven!

Hanging a metal print

One of the great things about these prints is how simple and easy they are to hang on the wall. A smaller metal frame is mounted to the back of the print, and lets the metal print stand off the wall and appear to float in space. There is no additional framing or mounting hardware needed. When you receive your metal print all you have to do is hang it up!


Mounting Bracket on the back of an aluminum print

Mounting Bracket on the back of an aluminum print



Pricing for Metal Prints

Prints on aluminum are available at a variety of sizes and price points. I currently offer three unique mounting options. The price that you see includes everything that you need. You will not need to purchase any matting or framing material. All of the expense of custom matting and framing simply disappears! Simply find a place on the wall and hang your new piece of art!

16″ x 24″ – $475

20″ x 30″ – $750


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me direct by phone or email today!


20'x30 Sublimation Onto Metal Print of the USS Lionfish Torpedo Room, with Rhode Island photographer Mike Dooley

20’x30 Sublimation Onto Metal Print of the USS Lionfish Torpedo Room with Rhode Island photographer Mike Dooley