Photography Workshops in RI: How to be a Better Photographer

Why Take Photography Workshops?

Photography workshops are the single best way that I know to become a better photographer. Hands down, without a doubt, there is no better investment of your time or money than a photography workshop! Today’s internet offers a million and one e-books, tutorials and YouTube videos, and they can be very helpful. However, many people learn the best and retain the most when working in person, on site with an instructor. Asking questions about YOUR camera! Learning techniques for YOUR style of photography.

The classroom portion of each workshop takes place at local, Rhode Island facilities. We hand pick locations that offer a small, intimate learning environment! Field trips full of  hands training are conducted at a variety of locations hand picked to bring you the best possible educational experience!

Photographers Connection

Under the educational umbrella known as The Photographers ConnectionBob Kidd Don Rotteck, Laura Paton and I run a series of highly successful hands on photography workshops. These workshops have one simple goal: help photographers become better photographers.

Last year we worked with over 50 photographers at 8 different workshops. Well, we took all that we learned, plus all of our photographers great feedback and applied it to making the 2016 Be A Better Photographer workshop series an even greater educational experience! The result? The 2016 Photography Workshop Schedule features over a dozen workshops!

We enforce a limited class size for maximum value! Our classes are often limited in size to a maximum of 6 students. With a minimum of 2 instructors per class, there is ample opportunity for students to get one-on-one attention. Your questions will get asked and they will get answered. At the completion of your class you will be well on your way to becoming a better photographer.

We repeatedly see photographers struggle to create the photographs that they see in their mind. Often times the gear gets in the way of the work and the photographer gets frustrated – the moment passes, the story is gone, and an image is lost. Our photography workshops emphasize mastering your camera and will teach you the basic skills that help YOU make the decisions, so that you can create the photographs that you imagine!

The bottom line? We are offering a variety of workshops, and each one has been specifically designed to help you improve your skills with the camera and to help you be a better photographer!


Photography Class Schedule

2016 features a great assortment of photography workshops geared towards photographers at all skill levels. A free program on understanding the equipment called “Gear is Good”, the ever popular “Camera Fundamentals” that will teach you how to take control of your camera, to workshops in landscape, portrait and macro photography as well!

Sound good? Want to learn more? Well head on over to the Photographers Connection website to see the 2016 schedule of Photography Workshops