Fine Art Photography in Providence

Fine Art Night Photography in the City of Providence


Night photography in the city is one of my passions, as I find that the lights and colors make beautiful subjects. In this case the subject of my night photography is actually a fine art sculpture that decorates the grounds of the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island.

I was in the city of Providence to meet with several other Rhode Island photographers to participate in the May Drink and Click event. Drink and Click is a national organization that promotes photographers getting together for some social photography. We met at a restaurant in Providence and had a meal and some great conversation before hitting the city streets for some night photography. Each Drink and Click event features a theme, and for the month of May the challenge was to use leading lines in our photography.

As we explored the streets of the city we discovered all kinds of interesting subjects, but when we came upon the Dunkin Donuts Center and discovered this fine art sculpture, I was hooked! I photographed the sculpture using several different compositions before I framed up something that felt right in the cameras viewfinder. In this photograph I fell back on one of my favorite techniques with a wide angle lens – get in close on the subject, and let it fill the frame. In this example, the photograph become about the light, the colors and the lines.

Night Photography of a sculpture outside the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island

The Sculpture

Providence is an amazing city for the fine art community, from the art that is present all over the city to the atmosphere that encourages artists such as myself to pursue our work. My night photography is something that I enjoy greatly, and if you are interested in seeing more photography like this, I encourage you to check out the prints available in my fine art print gallery.


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