Landscape Photography at the Sunflower Festival

Fine Art Landscape Photography at a Local Sunflower Festival

Every summer my wife and I make at least one trip down to Buttonwood Farm for some landscape photography at the Sunflower Festival. Located in Griswold, Connecticut the Sunflower Festival features ice cream, hayrides, and LOTS of sunflowers make for a pretty awesome place to spend the evening enjoying a sunset!

Fine Art Landscape Photograph of a giant field of sunflowers just as the sun sets on the horizon

Sunflowers at Sunset

My wife brings her bag of knitting supplies and a lawn chair and sits and does her thing, while I run around in search of the perfect flower, the perfect bumble bee or the perfect composition. But at the end of the day, we always end up back at this spot to watch the sun drop below the horizon. It is during the hour before and the hour after the sunset that I enjoy the most. During these few hours the landscape before changes from one filled with a blazing sun to the dark of evening, with the sky transitioning through a variety of colors and tones.

On this particular Saturday evening the edge of the sunflower field was lined with photographers, all waiting for the show to begin, and it was a fun evening chatting with many of the others. I even got to meet a photographer in person that I have known online for years! I always like to stay long after the sun goes down to see if the night sky will lend itself for any interesting night photography. Some nights it does, other nights it does not.

While I took many photographs that evening, the one that you see here is my favorite photograph of the sunflowers that evening. You can purchase a high quality fine art print of this photograph in my print gallery.

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