The Excitement of Night Photography in Providence

Night Photography in Providence

Night photography in Providence is always an exciting and fun experience. The way the light plays with the subjects of the city can be challenging to photograph, but it can also be very rewarding at the same time.

I like to think of night photography as if I were painting on a black canvas. The photograph is my black canvas, and I then use the camera to compose only the items I want to be in the frame. As I walked along the streets of the city, I noticed this tree and could not help but fall in love with the way the streetlights were lighting up the green willow . I knew I had to make a photograph of this scene, and I tried from several angles and finally settled on this composition. Placing the Manchester Street Power Station in the photograph gives the scene an instantly recognizable location.

A lonely willow tree sits on the edge of the Providence River in Downtown Providence, Rhode Island. The Manchester Street Power Station in the background adds to the night landscape

A Tree In Providence

Stopping the aperture down allowed me to leave the shutter open for a much longer period of time, doing two things for the photograph. It turns the lights of the city into starbursts adding a level of interest to the lights themselves. This longer shutter speed also allows the elements in the photograph to move during the exposure – the tail lights of vehicles crossing the bridge in the background give a sense of activity to the photograph, and causes the green things leaves in the tree to become slightly blurry as they danced in the slight evening breeze. I found that this added an almost mystical affect to the tree.

I was tempted to remove the Dunkin Donuts cup from the landscape, but then decided that I liked it right where it was. It somehow made the scene more real in my mind. What do you think?


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