Race Point Lighthouse, Cape Cod

Photography of the Race Point Lighthouse on Cape Cod

On a recent evening I was awake at the crack of midnight to meet with fellow Rhode Island photographers +Ed King and +Bob Dansereau to head out to photograph the Race Point Lighthouse on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After driving for 2 hours we arrived in Provincetown, in plenty of time to photograph the Milky Way in the southern sky from the beach before making the grueling hour and a half trek through the deep sand to reach the lighthouse itself.

Photograph of Race Point Lighthouse, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Taken by Rhode Island photographer Mike Dooley

Race Point Lighthouse, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Encouraged by Ed “Its just up the beach” King and Bob “Did you see something???” Dansereau, I am not sure what I enjoyed more – the photography or the laughter on the walk to the lighthouse! We passed the time by telling stories from our days in the different branches of the military and seeing “shadow men” running in the dunes. It certainly was a night of adventure!

The lighthouse facility is actually a collection of several small buildings – a lightkeepers house, the lighthouse itself, plus several smaller outbuildings. One such small building is the oil storage building featured prominently in the landscape photograph featured in this article. Photography is a passtime that allows me to relax and unwind, and as I wait for the sunrise, I can stand and enjoy the peace and quiet and watch the day begin a new.

Sunrise was beautiful, but it lacked any real colors or clouds in the sky to add much in the area of interest. I love a nice cloudy sky to add some objects of interest, and to give the light from the sun something to bounce off of. I was happy with the photographs that I got and look forward to making the trek again sometime soon!

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