Sunset Fishing in Newport

A Photograph Tells a Story in Newport


As a photographer, I am always looking to find a landscape or seascape that tells a story. A person, a place, an action, can all tell a story of a moment in time through a photograph. Sometimes you get all three together and a story, just like the cameras shutter, simply clicks.

Fishing in Newport at Sunset - Mike Dooley

Fishing in Newport at Sunset – Mike Dooley

On a recent trip down to Newport with some photographer friends I came across just such a scene. That scene simply said Rhode Island to me. It was sunset and we were walking along the Newport coastline. We came upon a group of fishermen waist deep in Narragansett Bay casting out into the surf. The iconic and easily recognizable Newport Bridge created a nice background, and the soft pastel colors of the evening light in the sky was reflecting nicely off the water.

I took some shots of the group, but quickly decided that I wanted to isolate a single fisherman in the scene. I changed my lens from a wide angle to a small zoom in order to get a tighter shot of the fisherman and to help make the bridge a larger and more important part of the photograph.

My exposure was for the sky and the background scene, knowing that the fisherman would be a simple silhouette. A slower shutter speed of 1/8th of a second allowed for a little bit of motion blur in the rod, as I timed my photograph to capture him casting into the surf.

In this photograph I find that the color of the sky, the Newport Bridge with its twinkling lights, and the silhouette of the fisherman all work together nicely to tell a story about an evening in Newport, Rhode Island. You can purchase a print of this photograph, as well as other prints of my photography in my fine art print gallery.

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