View Sample Prints of Photographs

Trying to get a feel for what a photograph is going to look like once printed and framed can be a bit of a challenge. Determining the size of the final product once you add the mat and the frame can take a little bit of math and forethought. In the gallery of sample prints you can see photographs in a variety of sizes. Make sure to check the detailed information by clicking the “i” for each image. I include the size of the print, the size of any mat material, and finally, the outside dimensions of the frame.

In addition to picking a size, choosing what medium is right for you is equally important. Paper, canvas and metal all give a photograph a slightly different feel. A paper print in a mat and frame has a very traditional feel. In contrast, a print on metal has a very sleek, contemporary and modern feel. Canvas prints have an elegant, timeless quality and remind me of paintings and museums. To help you with your decisions, the sample print gallery has several examples of each type of print. 

Over the years I have been very fortunate with my photography. I have had the opportunity to have my work included in many shows, and have held several solo exhibits. The largest exhibit included over 100 pieces! To be sure, a lot of planning and coordination goes into a show of that size. I printed and prepared a LOT of photographs getting ready for those shows! I continue to exercise these skills today as I work with folks on a variety of projects. 

In addition, my work has caught the eye of private collectors and corporate designers. These folks have chosen to include my work in their collection and projects. I consider myself to be blessed beyond belief!

If you are interested in acquiring my work, the gallery is a great place to look to start getting some ideas as to what type of media and size will work for your location. As long as you have questions, I am always available to talk you through the process and help you make decisions along the way. Feel free to give me a call, or shoot me an email and I would be happy to lend a hand!

Sample Prints