Through My Eyes – My Journey In Photographs

My Vision as a Photographer

Over the years I have developed a unique vision of the world around me. Through my eyes is a term I coined for how I perceived this world. Once I started to explore the art of photography that vision became clearer and stronger. I could often look at a scene in front of me and visualize in my mind how it could look as a photograph. My imagination would run wild with the possibilities of how that scene might appear under different lighting conditions and from different angles.

Photography became a sanctuary, one where I could completely relax and lose myself. Whether I was out on a beach in the pre-dawn hours waiting for sunrise, or if I was standing on a busy city street in downtown Providence, photography became a refuge. I found the camera to be an amazing tool, one that allowed me to organize the world into a frame. To bring order to chaos, and to help me find the beauty in the world. The camera became an extension of my imagination, as my fingers work the buttons transforming my vision to photographs.

“Through My Eyes” – The Book

“Through My Eyes” is a collection of 50 of my favorite photographs, presented in a book format. Each photograph was carefully selected for the book for its importance to my creative vision. Organized into 4 sections dedicated to Seascapes, Landscapes, Night Photography, and Places & Things.

See a sample of the book!

Each photograph has its own page, allowing it to be printed at maximum size on a 12″ wide page. The title of the photograph and the month and year that the photo was created are also included. Additionally, each photograph contains a short description – some are funny stories about the photograph, others are more informative of a technical aspect, while others share insight to my thoughts and feelings when I pressed the shutter.


The softcover book is printed on 12″x12″ high quality 80# cover stock throughout. The front and rear covers have a satin UV coating. The book is 60 pages in length, and contains 50 photographs in 4 separate sections.


Through My Eyes - Front CoverThrough My Eyes - Title PageThrough My Eyes - Sample Page 1Through My Eyes - Sample Page 2Through My Eyes - Sample Page 3Through My Eyes - Sample Page 4Through My Eyes - Sample Page 5Through My Eyes - Back Cover