Night Photography Gallery

See Stunning Examples of Night Photography in Rhode Island

Night Photography has rapidly become one of my favorite forms of fine art photography. Subjects like the Milky Way in the night sky, or the dramatic lighting of a cityscape can all be photographed with today’s cameras. So often when the sunsets I see photographers pack up their cameras and head for home, when I consider the fun to be just beginning. There  is an entirely new world that the camera sees at night, and capturing it in a photograph can be tremendously rewarding. The photographs that you see in the night photography gallery capture familiar locations in an entirely new and exciting way!


The photographs that I have been creating at night have become very popular over the past year, and I am very excited to the responses I have been getting! You can buy a fine art print to hang in your home or office of many of my night photographs through the gallery on the website.

Photography at night is really not much different then photography during the day. The concepts are all the same, it is simply that the exposure time gets much longer to allow for the capturing of enough light. This longer shutter time makes a good tripod and camera release cable an absolute necessity to get those tack sharp photographs suitable for hanging on a wall!

One of the great things about long exposure night photography is the effect that it has on moving lights in the city scene. Instead of individual pinpoints, the lights of the moving cars and trucks become trails that move through the frame. These streaks of light add a dimension of movement that you do not get in a photograph taken during the day.

Night cityscape photography brings a completely different feel to a scene, regardless of what the subject might be. A city at night is full of bright and very colorful lights that transform the scene into a dramatic show of lights and colors. When looking at the Providence city skyline, I am always struck by one building in the center of the scene. Looking very much like The Daily Planet building from the comic book Superman, The Bank of America Building at 111 Westminster Street dominates the skyline. Affectionately called “The Superman Building” by Providence locals, it is by far my very favorite building in Providence, and I feature it in much of my night photography.

Creating fine art photography at night is a delight, and I love sharing the unique photographs that i create of Rhode Island with all of you! I hope that you have enjoyed my examples of night photography, and i encourage to explore the rest of my website to see more of my other forms of photography!