Fall Foliage in Rhode Island

Fall Foliage in Rhode Island is Rich with Vibrant Colors!

There are few things as beautiful as the fall foliage in Rhode Island. Every year for several weeks in late October the landscape comes alive with vibrant colors of red, yellow and orange as the leaves change color!

Fine Art Landscape Photograph of fall colors and a pair of boats docked at Steere Pond in Glocester, Rhode Island

Docked Boats Under Fall Colors

As a landscape photographer, I am always on the lookout for new subjects to turn into photographs for my print gallery. I love to capture the beauty I see in my landscapes, and I never tire of hearing from folks how my photographs have brought back special memories of a happy time!

Each weekend in the fall, my wife and I pack up the car with all of my camera gear and all of her knitting supplies. We load up on coffee and spend the day exploring all the country back roads looking for those classic Rhode Island landscapes that have been transformed by the magical colors!

One of my favorite areas to explore is Route 102, as it wanders through the western part of the state. As we drove along, I could not help but notice this scene out of the corner of my eye. I quickly turned around, found a safe place to park and then settled in to see what I could come up with.

What initially drew my eye to the scene was the red of the canoe and how it matched so well with the reds in the trees along the edge of the small pond. I composed several different photographs of the scene, but it is this more intimate landscape that is my favorite!

You can purchase a high quality print of this photograph of the fall foliage in Rhode Island in my Fine Art Print Gallery safely and securely here on the website.


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    […] On a quiet Sunday afternoon, my wife and I loaded up the car, stopped for an ice coffee and headed out to see the fall colors in Rhode Island. I took a ton of photographs that day, as we followed RT 102 from one end of the state to the other! This ended up being my favorite fall photo, simply because of the scene. The fall colors, the boats and the small dock all just scream out “Rhode Island” to me! You can read more about this photograph in my article titled “Fall Photography in Rhode Island” […]

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